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The latest Multimodal Imaging Platform Optimized for the Anterior Segment.

ANTERION® utilizes the power of high-resolution swept-source OCT images to provide the most important anterior segment examinations and measurements in one modular, upgradeable platform.

The result: A single workflow-efficient solution that brings together corneal topography and tomography, anterior segment metrics, axial length measurement and IOL calculation to transform the day-to-day routines in cataract and refractive surgery as well as cornea and glaucoma diagnostics.

ANTERION delivers high-quality images and comprehensive measurements while minimizing the time needed to perform multiple anterior segment examinations. The acquisition time is really fast with no need to move the patient. At the same time, visual confirmation of all measurements with high-resolution swept-source OCT images provides diagnostic confidence.

ANTERION is based on the Imaging App for a high-resolution visualization of the entire anterior segment, and adjusts to various clinical needs featuring three optional applications: Cornea App, Cataract App, and Metrics App.

Manage multiple diagnostic images with the flexibility and power of the HEYEX 2 image management and device integration platform.       



Multi-Modality Diagnostic Imaging of the Eye

Precision, Detail, and Versatility

Multi-modality imaging with SPECTRALIS® is helping drive the development of novel therapeutics and changing the course of patient management in eye care. Using an upgradeable platform approach, SPECTRALIS has enhanced the role of spectral domain OCT by integrating it with confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (cSLO).

The combination of these two technologies has enabled new imaging capabilities, such as TruTrack™ Active Eye Tracking, and BluePeak™ blue laser autofluorescence, providing clinicians with unique views of the structure and function of the eye.

Multimodal imaging options include: OCT, multiple scanning laser fundus imaging modalities (GMPE, Multicolor, ASM, Bluepeak and High Magnifying), Widefield and Ultra-Widefield, Scanning Laser Angiography and OCT Angiography.



Image Management and Device Integration Platform

HEYEX 2 is a complete ophthalmic image management solution designed to streamline workflow and enhance data security while providing versatile clinical tools in a comprehensive platform for imaging and data management.

The scalable design allows for networking of devices within a single practice as well as across multiple locations to enable concurrent access to data and to simplify data sharing.