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SL-17 Portable Slit Lamp

Kowa's Portable Slit Lamp is now LED light-based!

The SL-17 weighs less than 800g and provides easy and versatile operation with a choice of 10x and 16x magnifications, 3 slit widths* (0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.8mm) plus spot illumination and a cobalt blue filter using a high illumination LED as the light source.

The cobalt blue filter is useful for foreign body and contact lens applications. The SL-17 has a rheostat controlled light source from 0 to 20,000 Lux. The LED light source provides a much whiter light than ordinary halogen light sources found on competitive instruments.

The SL-17 is compact and portable making it the ideal instrument for domiciliary environments, mobile evaluations, pediatrics, and patients not able to be imaged by a traditional slit lamp. The SL-17 is especially useful in emergency rooms where patient mobility is a challenge, or when switching between consultancy rooms is necessary.

Offering cordless operation, the SL-17 is powered by (4) AAA rechargeable or dry cell batteries to provide long lasting, continuous operation of the extra-bright LED lamp.


Nonmyd WX-3D Simultaneous Stereoscopic Retinal Camera

Versatile Retinal Camera Offering 2D and 3D Images

3 Photography Modes to Choose From: Normal, SP (Small Pupil), and Stereo

The Nonmyd WX-3D is a versatile retinal camera offering both 2D and superior stereo 3D images while maintaining Kowa's longstanding tradition of high quality imaging and ease of use. The incredibly detailed stereoscopic 3D images delivered through the 3D mode will help you diagnose your patients by providing imaging capabilities unmatched by any other combination retinal imaging device.

The Nonmyd WX3D enables 3D viewing of images taken of the ONH and macula, thus providing superior stereo images to support diagnosis of sight threatening conditions such as glaucoma.


FM-600 Laser Flare Meter

Unique, accurate, and incredibly easy to use.

The FM-600 has been upgraded to obtain smooth and simple measurement of aqueous flare in the anterior chamber. A front view alignment mode was added to the standard side view alignment to simplify measurement for flare. The FM-600 is easier to use than ever.

The FM-600 is Kowa's unique aqueous flare meter that offers a reproducible and reliable guide to ocular inflammation. Designed to combine efficiency and accuracy with fast and easy operation in a compact and modern body, the FM-600 aqueous flare meter enhances the follow up of patients by enabling the in-vivo measurement of aqueous flare in a non-contact, non-invasive, and painless manner.

The FM-600 provides quantitative and reproducible measurements of aqueous flare, which is useful in cases of uveitis and following IOL implantation. In addition, increased levels of flare have been reported with many other ocular conditions thus making the FM-600 a highly useful tool.